Aptamers in Bordeaux

Aptamers in Bordeaux is an international conference on Aptamer Biology, Chemistry, Technologies & Therapeutics.

The meeting will be preceded on June 27-28 by the 11th Bordeaux RNA Club meeting, a sister event which is free.

Aptamer 2016 congress meeting symposium

Core subjects

  • in vitro selection methodology
  • Analytical applications
  • Imaging
  • Bio- and nano-technology
  • Riboswitches
  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics

Keynote speakers

Dr. Maria DaRosa - Speaker

Dr. Maria DeRosa

Carleton University – Ottawa, Canada

Aptamers as tools for the study and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Michael Famulok -Speaker

Dr. Michael Famulok

University of Bonn – Bonn, Germany

Interlocked DNA nanostructures

for molecular engineering

Dr. Judy Lieberman - Speaker

Dr. Judy Lieberman

Harvard medical school – Boston, USA

Aptamer delivery of siRNAs

to knockdown cancer

Scientific Committee


Jean-Jacques Toulmé

Inserm – University of Bordeaux

Larry Gold Aptamers 2019 in Bordeaux

Larry Gold

SomaLogic Inc.

Boulder, CO, USA

Bruce Sullenger Aptamers in Bordeaux 2016

Bruce Sullenger

Duke University
Durham, NC, USA


Beatrix Suess

University of Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany


Frédéric Ducongé

Fontenay aux Roses, France


Paloma Giangrande

University of Iowa
Iowa City, IO, USA


Günter Mayer

University of Bonn
Bonn, Germany


Vittorio de Franciscis

Naples, Italy

Partners & sponsors

Aptamers in Bordeaux is looking for partners to sponsor the event.

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The Organizing Committee


Laurent Azéma /  Fabien Darfeuille / Eric Dausse
Guillaume Durand / Axel Innis / Jean-Jacques Toulmé

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